EU Code Week Ambassadors

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Marjana Prifti Skenduli

An experienced Information Technology professional and a passionate educator, with over 13 years of experience in industry and academia. She owns a Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Polytechnic University of Tirana, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Greenwich, UK. Currently, she is a dedicated Computer Science Lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at the UNYT. Her vocation: bring digital literacy down to everybody in a fun and engaging way, helping them to reach their full potential.

Hatixhe Bilibashi

Project Manager at Protik ICT Resource Center and Lecturer at University of Tirana. With over 10 years of experience in the ICT field, she brings extraordinary expertise in Software Development, Innovation, Management, as an ICT Startup Consultant and she is author of some scientific publications. I holds both Bachelor Degree and Scientific Master in Computer Science at University of Tirana. Also I have completed her studies for FOSS Moodle platform and OJS platform in University of Zagreb, Croatia. I have participated as juror and mentor in many startup activities and ICT competitions in Albania. My passion is to bring new innovation technologies in her country and help in developing the ICT ecosystem in Albania.



Nico Grienauer

Drupal Austria Association Board Member, OpenMinds - "Austrian Open Source Award" Initiator and Founder of Acolono GmbH - "Drupal Development and Analytics".

Andrea Mayr-Stalder

initiated, a platform to combine computing and embroidery. Since the late 1990s, Andrea has worked on numerous artistic and educational Internet projects. She studied Media Art in Vienna and has worked as a system admin and programmer at ISPs in Vienna and New York.



Elvin Aliyev

Hi everyone ! İ am Elvin Aliyev from Azerbaijan. i work as Digital Learning Coach & İT İntegrator at European Azerbaijan School. İ have bachelour degree in math and master degree in Computer Science. İ help to people who wants implement tech in their lesson across from Azerbaijan with my blogs, youtube chanells and workshops. İ am here for help you any issue about organize your Coding event. Please feel free for ask any question. Best regards, Elvin Aliyev



Ilse Bracke

Ilse Bracke is Innovation manager at Cipal Schaubroeck. She has an extensive experience in providing in-depth business & technical strategy for systems solutions, enabling innovation initiatives and implementing systems to generate value out of data. Ilse is passionate about technology, innovation and education. Coach @CoderDojo, she likes to teach coding, robotics and digital technologies to the younger generations.

Cindy Smits

Cindy is the founder of Digitale Wolven. This non-profit initiative, sponsored by the Cronos group, brings technology to the kids. Digitale Wolven brings all the materials and an experienced teacher to the kids for a fun workshop (programming, robots, websites, ..). The goal is to let them do things themselves and not only consume and to show them that this is really fun! Cindy is also Coderdojo coach for more than 3 years. As a mom of 2 kids she goes with them but also coaches other kids. She also is in the organizing committee of Coolest Projects Belgium.

Virginie Tacq

Virginie is a gamedesigner, a researcher and a teacher in games' studies. . She is the founder of Ludilab, working on games as cultural objects, both analog and digital ones. Ludilab offers, among others, workshops on diversity in games, talks on sexism in toys-games-videogames, boardgames prototyping, ... Currently, she is co-designing a computing without computers boardgames-based training for all public, especially kids, to learn about programming, mathematical logic, problem solving ... by playing.

Rosanna Kurrer

Rosanna is managing director of CyberWayFinder, a workforce development program that works to bridge the skills gap in the field of Cybersecurity, and is a member of Techies Lab, a technology school in Brussels for children and parents to discover coding, and 3D printing. She is an Architectural Engineer by training and holds a Masters Degree in Building Physics from Kyoto University in Japan. For the past several years, as a certified MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing, she has led hands-on, result-oriented workshops in the areas of computer programming, data visualisation, and 3D design, to promote uptake of digital skills, particularly among girls and women. Today, she manages and develops curricula for the CyberWayFinder Training and Mentorship program, directly filling roles to increase diversity in cybersecurity teams.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Neven Savanovic

Student of Pan-European University “APEIRON” and Founder and Owner of NENASAL - Hosting and Develop Company. I Want to share my ideas and knowledge with others.

Josip Vrdoljak

Student of Software Engineering on University of Split.



Evgeni Minev

A former student in "Lingustics and Informational Technologies" who continues to learn and discover the limitlessness of the ICT.



Xiangqun Chen

Xiangqun Chen has taught Computer Science and Information Technology for more than 20 years in high school. Her professional title is senior teacher. She teaches App Inventor, Scratch, Robotic, Photoshop, Flash in high school. She is a member of K-12 Information Technology Centre Group of Shenzhen Municipality. Xiangqun is also a certified MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing using MIT App Inventor. She hosts a CS4HS workshop in Shenzhen to train K-12 teachers learning Computer Science principles and computational thinking. Chen also has organized Robotic and App Inventor clubs in her school. As a passionate educator, she has taken advantage of many outreach programs like, App Inventor, Scratch, Virtual Robotic to increase girls' participation in computing.



Ivana Ružić

I am a ICT teacher in the 1st Primary School Čakovec and a project coordinator for many European projects. I regularly run coding workshops and summer coding camps for children. I have a strong determination to accept the challenge, to make changes by sharing knowledge and skills, learning the safe and responsible use of ICT and changing the world by creating our own software solutions.

Janko Radigovic

My name is Janko Radigović and I work with Croatian Robotic Association. Before that , I worked in a primary and a secondary school as a Computing Science teacher. In addition to this, I am the chair of the voluntary association "Samobor wireless" which offers internet services in rural areas. My aim is to disseminate knowledge of coding processes to potential users of all ages.



Antonis Hadjiantonis

Antonis is passionate about technology and coding because both fuel creativity and problem-solving skills in kids and adults alike. Excited to be part of the community in Cyprus and EU to boost ICT skills.

Czech Republic


Dan Lessner

Lifelong student and teacher. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to recognize computer science as the empowering and liberating field it is (and I most likely would eventually fix your computer, but you will be better off with tech support). So among other things I write a CS textbook for students 15-19 years old ( and blog at for teachers and CSEd researchers.

David Hellam

I'm a Google Certified Teacher, working at Riverside School in Prague. I teach coding to 11-18 year olds and run an after-school robotics club. We're always looking for opportunities to share and learn from others, so Code Week looks like a great way to connect with similar groups nationally and regionally. Why not join us?

Vera Ondrichova

I am a PR specialist. I help the Czech Code Week to make itself visible. I connect our promoters, organize press conferences, and contact journalists.

Zdenek Zalis

National Safer Internet Centre (NCBI) is a not-for-profit working NGO focusing on safer internet awareness raising, education, protection of children online and struggle against distribution of the illegal content on the Internet. I am director for strategy and development of the NCBI.



Kristian Langborg-Hansen

Teaching programming to children and grown-ups every day as a partner in App Academy. We know how to use programming to improve learning in math, physics, languages, and a number of other courses. We also do code events in schools and public libraries - and we're the publisher behind the only Danish book on programming for children,



Vanessa Vorteil

I work as a product owner in the field of information technology and study Human Computer Interaction in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently I am also teaching students about UI and UX. Previously, I have taught students in basic school and in secondary school about programming, design and entrepreneurship. Occasionally, I also helps to organise IT workshops for secondary school students. I has also been a co-ambassador for Estonia back in 2015.

Mari-Liis Peets

I have been working in the IT education field since 2010. In that time I have lead the Estonian national coding programme called "ProgeTiiger" and I have been Code Week ambassador since 2015. I am currently working at Insplay ( as an Education Category Lead. I am also LEGO Education Academy certified teacher trainer and I conduct many different teacher trainings in the field of educational robotics.

Elise-Marit Kippar

I work with the popular coding programme „ProgeTiiger“ at the Information Technology Foundation for Education which supports information and communication technology-related education development in Estonia ( I have helped to coordinate Code Week workshops in Estonia since 2016.



Tarmo Toikkanen

I'm a researcher of educational technology and learning. I'm the original instigator of Koodiaapinen MOOC, where teachers learn about coding and computational thinking and learn to apply them to their everyday teaching activities, as the new Finnish national core curriculum from 2016 expects. I'm also involved in R05AN K00D1, a transmedia production by Yle, the Finnish national broadcasting company, which encourages young people to engage with computational thinking and programming.

Ruxandra Balboa-Pöysti

Creativity consultant and founder at Hirvipeikot (Artventures), I have experience a marketing and management experience in the field of software development and solar energy. The proposed focus of the code week here in Finland is: 1) exposing teachers to coding 2) promoting coding linked to arts and gaming to younger generations 3) gather information about existing coding activities (in Finnish and Swedish)

Tero Toivanen



Lucie Jagu

Young Advisor to Neelie Kroes in 2013 and 2014, Lucie coordinated the first EU Code Week in France. Passionate about international relations and education and inspired by the richness and diversity of the coding community, she did coordinate the first Africa Code Week in 2015 together with SAP,, the CTSC, the Galway Edu. Center, Ampion and the King Beaudouin Fdtion. Within 10 days, this continent-wide initiative based on the success of the EU Code Week, brought hundreds of coding activities to 88.763 kids and youth across 18 countries.

Alan McCullagh

Proud holder of a school report (from age 6) stating "shows a keen interest in computer work". Still the case today & I want to help pass that passion on here in France and beyond through Code and Digital Skills. Fascinated by all things "Éducation Numérique", with a strong interest in Raspberry Pi.


Ligue de l’enseignement is an educational movement that acts alongside to the formal education. It supports the education for all and the lifelong learning. It is the leader of the project “D-Clics numériques” that foughts for the education of the citizens by the active, critical and responsible numerical uses. There are many other organizations involved in this project: Francas, Ceméa, Réseau Canopé, CRI, CNOUS, Animafac, Jets d’encre.

Liliane Khamsay

Passionate about computer science and education, I will be taking up the challenge after Claude Terosier for Magic Makers, with Guillaume Dupuy and all the magic team : we are very enthusiastic to share our passion for code :)

Vivien Chazel

Passionate about Games, Interactive media and Education, I will be taking up the challenge leaded by Catherine Rolland and Deborah Elalouf for Tralalere. Code, create and share!

Pierre Lancien

I am the founder of Toxicode, a community IT lab that designs fun tools to learn how to code, such as Silent Teacher and Code n' Slash. I strongly defend the idea of a creative code that can also help people learn new ways of thinking and communicating. Together with my colleagues, Clément, Emilie and Alexandre, I will actively take part in this new Codeweek edition to help make it even bigger and better than last year's !

Antonin Cois

Ligue de l’enseignement is an educational movement that acts with and as a complement to the formal education. It accompanies the education for all and the lifelong learning. It is the leader of the project “D-Clics numériques” that accompanies the education of active, critical and responsible of their numerical uses citizens. There are many other organizations involved in this project: Francas, Ceméa, Réseau Canopé, CRI, CNOUS, Animafac, Jets d’encre.


Associate professor at Limoges University and member of the Duchess France team . Passionate about agile development and very interested in Software Craftsmanship, she founded the #iutagile Days in 2012, meetings and conferences to facilitate discussions and interactions between the Computer Science teachers and the software industry.



Gesche Joost

Professor for Design Research at the University of Arts Berlin and German Digital Champion for the EU Comission. Gesche is patron of Design Research Lab driven Code Week events. She helps foster coding initiatives throughout Germany.



Lia [Theodouli] Terzidou

Immersive Learning Developer, CS teacher and PhD Candidate at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki [School of Informatics]. President of the Greek Computer Society-Northern Greece Chapter and Member of the Organizing Committee for the Greek National Competition in Informatics for Students, whose winners represent Greece at the International Olympiad in Informatics. I am an advocate of teaching young people coding, which led me to found the "CoderDojo Thessaloniki", running free and fun Coding Clubs for young people. Also, advocate and instructor at Google CS-First. Strong believer that Coding gives Kids a Superpower!

Spyros Blatsios

Spyros Blatsios is a Physics and Informatics teacher. Since 2002, he works at Platon Schools, Katerini, Greece. Currently he is the Head of the European Projects & Lifelong Learning Department. He has participated in many EU funded educational research projects such as SOCRATES/COMENIUS/MINERVA/FP7/ERASMUS+, and he's been engaged in educational robotics with publications since 2005. Spyros received his Bachelor of Science in Physics at Aristotle University, Greece and a Masters of Science in Information Technology at Hellenic Open University, Greece. He is currently a PhD candidate in Informatics at the Aristotle University.

Anastasios Theodoropoulos

Informatics Teacher in Greek Secondary Education and Postdoc in Computer Science Education. Firm believer of Game Based Learning and kids' coding. Feeling enthusiastic that education shifts towards Code Literacy.



Attila Laszlo Főző

I work as a senior educational adviser. My background is in science teaching, teacher training and doing research. My role is to support the development of the digital skills and to coordinate projects in IT education and coding. Areas of interest: digital pedagogy, edtech, digital learning centres, m-learning, robotics and coding, PBL, geolocation activities, popular science.

Adam Horvath

I'm working as the education director for the IT Companies Association in Hungary. My major role is to support IT education and training and to raise awareness of coding among parents and pupils.



Rakel Solvadottir

Founder & CEO at Skema (Iceland) and reKode (USA). I'm a computer engineer with a background in psychology, and bear the 2013 title "Nerd of the Year" in Iceland with pride. As the founder of reKode & Skema, an award-winning computer education program for children, I'm innovative developer of teaching through technology. To share my work and the importance of using innovative approaches in education, as well as the importance of women empowerment, I'm a frequent speaker at conferences both in Europe and the U.S., with appearances that include WITI, TEDx and SXSW Interactive. I'm also a proud member of class 2014 - Kaplan EdTech Accelerator powered by Techstars.



Pete O'Shea

Championing awareness for digital skills across EMEA with the CoderDojo Foundation! Active Dojo champion and mentor. Passionate about giving young people the chance to learn all about coding and tech. Also part-time musician :)

Mags Amond

Retired teacher; currently researching a PhD in Education. Ambassador for Computers in Education Society of Ireland CESI.

Eugene McDonough

Champion of Coderdojo Limerick, Ireland for over 6 years; Founder of Dojocon and; Board of Directors, Coderdojo Ireland; Scouts leader with 5th/22nd Killaloe and when I get time I move over to the dark side of ICT sales to the Education Market.

Isle of Man


Owen Cutajar

Passionate about technology for as long as I can remember, I'm working towards increasing code literacy in the Isle of Man. Founder of the Isle of Man Code Club, I'm on a mission to excite people about computer science and share the magnificent opportunities IT presents to the world.



Alessandro Bogliolo

Professor of Computer Systems at the University of Urbino. Author of CodeMOOC.



Labeat Kadriu

I am Labeat Kadriu 21 years old im from Pristina capital city of Kosovo im 3rd year in computer science



Renata Danieliene

CEO of Public institution "Information Technologies Institute" (ECDL Lithuania). I have experience in system design, development and management, IT training and testing service providing, ECDL courseware development. I also have experience in children security and safety on Internet.

Petras Slekys

A project manager (PMP) with over 5 years of experience delivering projects and programs with large organisations, including Microsoft, Google and Mozilla. Having a background in front-end (HTML/CSS/JS), I am passionate about spreading the amazing possibilities of programming!



Madhumalti Sharma

Madhumalti is passionate about introducing girls and women to the fascinating domain of technology, understand its dimensions and the boundless opportunities it offers to them. She runs weekend coding sessions for children with special attention to empowering pre-teen and teen girls in discovering their potential in the field of science and particularly in coding. Madhumalti is Founder and President of Workshop4Me, a non-profit organisation which is actively involved in moving pre-teens and teens from being “consumers” to “creators” using technology. She has been mentor and judge for Technovation Challenge 2017 and featured on STEMinist. She is speaker at several technology conferences, recent ones being European Women in Technology and TEDx India in 2016. She has more than 20 years in the Information Technology industry specifically in the life sciences domain.

Christian Boudot

As a trained and qualified computer science teacher with more than ten years of experience in the IT industry, I have become more than just well acquainted with IT methodologies, and similarly more than just technically competent when it comes to Web and Mobile Technologies, Information Management Systems and IT Infrastructure. I have hands-on expertise on ITIL processes, and my long and dynamic involvement throughout the software development process has allowed me to prove and further develop my expertise within the field of system analysis and design.

Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of)


Bardhyl Jashari

Bardhyl Jashari is the director of Metamorphosis Foundation (Macedonia). His professional interests are mainly in the sphere of new technologies, media, civic activism and e-government. He has run national and international-scope projects, involving tight cooperation with other international organizations, governmental bodies, the business and the civic sector. He is a member of the National Council for Information Society of Macedonia and National Expert for Macedonia of the UN World Summit Award. He also serves as the Open Knowledge Ambassador and Group Lead for Macedonia ( and jury member of the Balkan Edition of the Ministry of Data ( Bardhyl holds a master degree at Paris 12 University-Faculty of Public Administration (France) and an Information System Designer Degree from University of Zagreb (Croatia).



Nadette Zerafa

Bernadette Zerafa joined the then MSU in October 1993 as a Group Secretary. During her 23 year career with MSU, MITTS and MITA, Bernadette occupied various positions including that of Communications Executive and Manager Executive Office. In 2014 Bernadette was seconded to the eSkills Malta Foundation as Manager responsible for administration and operations. Bernadette is also very much engaged in the running of the eSkills for Jobs campaign, which is running in 21 European countries with the aim to raise awareness of the education, training, jobs, and other opportunities that are available to people with eSkills.​

Moldova (the Republic of)


Abayomi Ogundipe

Managing TEKEDU, GirlsGoIT in Moldova



Ivana Corovic

Ivana is a Full Stack developer in Alicorn, as well as part of ME-net team and SparkME organizing crew. She graduated from the University of Montenegro with a degree in computer science, and she is a proud alumna of both FLEX and UGRAD. She loves board games, road trips, movies (Harry Potter) and concerts.



Tineke Netelenbos

Former Dutch Minister for Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Currently Digital Champion to the Netherlands and president of ECP and Digivaardig & Digiveilig – Dutch initiatives that promote the use of IT in Dutch society. Above all, strong believer in the importance of digital skills for all.



Robert Król

Ministry of Digital Affairs



Bruno Ferreira

Expert on Digital Communications | Portuguese eSkills for Jobs Ambassador



Oana Sipos

Romanian currently living in Belgium. Rails developer and Rails Girls events organizer (Brussels, Cluj, Timişoara). Languages geek. I believe coding can help us develop as a continent in so many ways. Nobody said it was easy, but bit by bit we'll get there.

Stefania Ioana Chiorean

Long time FOSS contributor, Mozilla Rep and Mentor. Webmaker. Working in IT field for more than 5y now. I consider coding and web knowledge as a main skills for the future that everyone needs to have or at least understand. #webliteracy #codingasliteracy

Russian Federation


Narine Isakhanian

deputy director, teacher of computer science in school 1329, head of the Moscow laboratory of creative computing



Caba Veres

I'm a teacher in a secondary school, teaching Computer Science and Design. Recently running a CoderClub inspired by my daughters. I have a strong determination to share knowledge and involve kids to code.



Marián Kristeľ

Co-founder and hardworker at Learn2Code, the Slovak tech educational organisation | Organizer of Rails Girls Bratislava | Not a geek but passionate about tech and coding | Loves sport & dogs |



Katja Koren Ošljak

Consultant & Researcher in love with information architecture, marketing, and beautiful words. Helping to bring digital literacy to all.



Mari Luz Aguado

Double Degree in Telecommunications Engineer and Business Administration. I love coding and teaching, so working for Programamos ( is my perfect job.

Artur Coll

Primary School Teacher and Computer Engineer. Teacher technical advisor and teacher trainer on Computational Thinking. Organizer of Institutional Scratch Day in Catalonia.

Itziar Garcia Blazquez

P.h.D student in education in Mondragon University (HUHEZI - Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences). Also, Computer Engineer and Bachelor in Honours in Software Development. Interested in the development of digital competence and computational thinking of nowadays society.



Mie Menmark

I'm a teacher, working with childern 6-9years. We use many different digital tools. I also help teaching children and teachers to program and to use digital technology .

Agneta Hedenström

I´m a driven and curious principal with a keen interest in development issues. During the last years I have been teaching children and teachers to program and to use digital technology to create fun stuff. I am one of the founders of Lulea Maker Space and runs many projects to attract young people, especially girls, into an interest in programming and STEM.

Peter Parnes

Peter Parnes is a tech-savvy and pragmatic entrepreneur and professor with a very keen interest in making research and technology available to everybody.



Gabriella Fumagalli

Marketing and communication specialist. I have enjoyed international experience in several markets including automotive, education, advertising, design, interiors, fashion and food. In the last years I followed my passion getting involved with communication, digital, new media, tech, new social phenomena on the web, startups, ect. Founder of Rails Girls Ticino and Colazione da Tiffany, a new projects focussed on improve women's empowerment; transferring digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills in order to help girls and women create and maintain a professional online presence. Speaker at Nuvola Rosa, the big event held by Microsoft Italia to get more women into technology/STEM. Previous: GGD co-founder and organizer.

Maurizio Caon

I am currently lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland working in the domain of Human-Computer Interaction. I am passionate about technology, innovation and design thinking. I am vice-president of the Innovation Club Fribourg and speaker coach for TEDxMartigny. I am also member of the Neurhone association and of the NeoHumanitas think tank. Plus, I am ambassador for the European Maker Week in Switzerland.



Franklin Weng

I'm an active free and open source developer/translator/promoter in Taiwan. We collect and sort out good public domain educational resources, including code learing, translate them into traditional Chinese, and then promote them in Taiwan's schools. I'm now also zh_TW translation approver. I hope to tell the world how Taiwan is going on kids code learning, and bring good code learning resources to Taiwan's kids.



Zehra Sayın

Computer Science (ICT) Teacher, eTwinning Turkey National Support Servis Member, FCL Ambassadors, Head Teacher Trainer, MoNE of Turkey, Online Learning Designer, Online Event Manager and Coordinator, Computer Science and Coding Curriculum Development Team Member in Turkey, iTEC Project Technical Coordinator (Completed in 2014), Computer Education and Instructor Design, PhD Student at Hacettepe University, Turkey.


Exp Teacher of English Language ( Cerfified ) eTwinning Ambassador,eTwinning Moderator and Trainer, eTwinning LE Expert ( Certified ) iTEC Ambassador - EU Designing Future Classroms ( Certified ) TED - Transatlantic Educators Dialogue - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( Certified ) FL Teacher Trainer ( Certified ) Microsoft Innovative Educator MIE EU MakerWeek Ambassador Minecraft Certified Educator ICT and Web 2.0 Trainer ( Certified ) Microsoft Master Trainer ( Certified ) MIE Expert ( Certified )



Marharyta Kaliuzhna

Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Co-founder Centre for Innovative Education. Passionate about technology in education.

United Kingdom


Martin Evans

Hi, I’m Martin, the Ambassador for CodeWeek in Scotland I’ve been a coder for over 30 years and been involved in a number of hardware and software projects. I’ve also written a book “Arduino in Action” which was published in June 2013 by Manning publications. I've ran a Code Club since early 2013 when I started a club at my local primary school. My son (aged nine) and I gave a presentation about our Code Club at the 2014 Scottish Ruby Conference. In addition to the Code Club supplied materials we have experimented with Arduino, Makey Makey a Sphero and Brushbots. The club have also built a small Arduino controlled obstacle avoidance robot. I have built a couple of underwater robots that I’ve demonstrated at a number of Maker Faires throughout the UK and Ireland. I would be happy to hear from anyone arranging or needing help arranging an event in CodeWeek in Scotland

Michael O'Kane

I am a Primary Educator for iTeach in Northern Ireland. We help schools and educators plan, integrate, deploy and teach with the iPad in the classroom. We empower change and enable schools to create innovative, creative and engaging teaching and learning. I love developing opportunities for children to improve programming skills through coding and gamification apps on the iPad, linking in a meaningful way to Literacy, Numeracy and the rest of the curriculum. Over the past 2 years I have led coding sessions in school communities in Northern Ireland for children, teachers and parents. A personal favourite of mine is using the Parrot Drone linked with the Tickle app, to give children a feel for visual programming, linking in with positional and directional language, angles and instructional text. Those involved have used the iPad to access coding languages through a range of coding apps. I feel it is important for children to develop programming skills, as it is a 21st Century skill set which employers in Northern Ireland have identified as essential in an ever increasing digital world. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in arranging an event for Code Week in Northern Ireland.

Elpida Makrygianni

I am the Engineering Education Developer and Coordinator at the Faculty of Engineering, University College London, and the Centre for Engineering Education. My role involves designing, developing and managing UCL Engineering's 100+ STEM Engagement programmes and activities for young people aged 5-19 years old in the UK. As a computer scientist and engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence Systems, I am extremely passionate about inspiring more young people, especially girls, to learn how to code, develop relevant coding skills and to consider careers in engineering and computer science. As the London University Advisor for the STEM Network, I work closely in partnership with government, industry and organisations to promote diversity and enable pupil participation from a broad range of abilities, backgrounds and levels of understanding, making engineering and computing more visible and accessible. If you are interested in organising or hosting an event, please feel free to contact me.

Yasemin Allsop

I worked as an ICT Coordinator in primary schools in London for almost 10 years. I am currently employed as a Lecturer in Primary Education at Institute of Education, University College London. My research focus is children’s thinking learning and metacognition when making digital games. I am the founder and co- editor of an online magazine called ICT in Practice ( where educators from around the world share their experiences of using technology in education. I am the co-editor of International Journal of Computer Science Education in Schools ( I have been selected as Minecraft Edu mentor for 2017 program. I am the co-author of a recent book called 'Primary Computing in Action' with Ben Sedman.

United States


Gary Shoup

HI! I'm a Tech Lab teacher in Southern California, helping first through eighth grade students develop their creativity, communication, and collaboration skills through Robotics, 3D printing, Internet Safety and research, MS Office... and CODING! When I'm not in the classroom, I love spending time with my wife and son, and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada.



Hilmi Ghalib

Telecommunication Engineer, Internet rights activist, researcher, member of the Board of Directors of Internet Society Yemen Chapter, Chairman of the Program Committee of ISOC-Yemen, YouthIGF Yemen Ambassador, Executive Director of YODET.ORG, representative of YODET at ICANN ALS and APROLO.