Europe Code Week in Sofia

Organized by:

Sofia Development Association

Happening at:
ул. Париж 1, 1000 София, България

From torek, oktober 18, 2016 at 17:00 to petek, oktober 21, 2016 at 19:00


Sofia Municipality (Sofia Development Association), in partnership with Sofia Municipal Privatisation and Investment Agency, NGO Links, Imperia Online and Listen Up, organizes a series of public lectures to enhance the digital culture of citizens on the occasion of Europe Code Week. Every evening, in the period 18 to 21 October, on 1 Paris Street, from 17:00 to 19: 00 hrs., experts will try to reveal the secrets of coding in a comprehensible language. The main objective of the initiative is to develop participants’ skills in various areas requiring basic knowledge and experience in coding. Every evening there will be a different topic, but the participants can learn how to visualize boring data through interactive maps, whether it is possible to code simple applications, how to make a website, what “open data” means and how they can be used, what technologies behind a web-based game are.
The organizers recommend that those wishing to attend the public lectures bring their own laptops.
Europe Code Week started as a civic initiative to make coding much more visible, to show young people and adults how we can realize many ideas through coding, to enhance skills and to motivate many people to learn together. The initiative was launched in 2013. Last year, 570 000 citizens from countries in Europe and other continents participated in the coding training. In 2015, 7 594 events took place both in Europe and in Africa, the USA, Australia and Asia. Bulgaria is one of the 48 participating countries. The Code Week succeeded to attract many social networks fans, reaching more than 1 million users.
18 – 21 October, 1 Paris Street, 17:00 - 19:00 hrs.
Date /Organizer Topic of the lecture
18 October/Imperia Online Technologies behind a web-based game
19 October/Investment Agency Developing a website, online surveys
20 October/NGO Links Working with “open data”: how to work with them, what can they be useful for
21 October/Listen Up How to develop a mobile application

This event is for:

High school students, Graduate students, Post graduate students, Employed adults, Unemployed adults

Main themes:

Basic programming concepts, Art and creativity, Game design, Internet of things and wearable computing, Motivation and awareness raising


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October 2016
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